ATI has a PHU history of 42 years in health service. It was started in the year 1986.

Since then ATI/PHU is serving people and has established itself for its good health care facilities.

ATI PHU refers to essential Health Care which includes all the areas that play a role in health services, environment and life style practices.

The ATI PHU has extended its services to like SIUD, SIRD. It works from 9am to 4.30pm

The service care includes addressing basic emergency care and the common problems which are faced by the people.

This serves as the first health care unit for the people (Trainees,officers, staff and their family members) who are in need.

It is also well known for conducting various camps like eye screening camp, Dental health care camp, cardiology camp etc.

ATI PHU centre has  staff of 4pepolewhich includes a pharmacist , a junior female health assistant and 2 group ‘D’ . A Doctor is posted in the PHU.

Staff members of ATI PHU strive to servingpeople with good intention proper care in treatment.

{ATI PHU has become the best easily approachable health unit for its appropriate standard of care with the facilities provided.}

Goals and Objectives………

  • Reducing exclusion and social disparities in health i.e., universal coverage reforms.
  • Organizing health services around people’s needs and expectations.
  • Integrating health into all sectors.
  • Uses of appropriate medical technology that’s accessible,affordable, feasible and culturally acceptable to the community.
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