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Administrative Training Institute is a premier training organization of the Government of Karnataka for the Government Functionaries.  The Library of this Organization has a rich collection of more than 61358 records comprising printed documents i.e. books, reports, manuals, gazettes, journals, periodicals, magazines, course material and reference material in the areas of Social Science, Public Administration, Management, Rural Development, Urban Development, Disaster Management, Women Studies, Computer, Law and allied subjects.  The Library is being updated with new additions by conducting ‘Book Exhibitions’ in the Institute, and suggestions by the faculty and officers of the department.  The books in this Library are arranged as per Dewey decimal classification.  At present we are using e-Granthalaya 4.0 version Library Software which is developed by the NIC.  We are in process of upgrading our library and it will become fully automated and that would be in a position to make available all the bibliographical data available through Online Public Access Catalogue (OPC) and networked (LAN) resource sharing. Our competent library staff is assisting our user community. They eagerly look forward to meet the information needs of various user communities. I welcome and invite our users to explore and discover the range of quality resources and services, including the facilities the library is extending.

1. Issue of books, magazines to members

a) Members are given borrowers tickets to take books and magazines.
b) Books and magazines can be borrowed in exchange of tickets.
c) Current magazines and newspapers are not lent out.
d) Books shall be returned on or before the due date which is normally a fortnight and they may be renewed for another fortnight if there is no demand.
e) Books should not be lent to others by the borrower. No member shall transfer his/her borrower’s tickets to anybody else other than for the purpose of obtaining books for personal use.
f) Only members have the access to the lending section. But their representatives may borrow the books on their behalf provided they hold a letter of authority from the member.
g) The member shall be responsible for any book issued against his/her name.
h) Before leaving the counter, the member shall satisfy himself or herself about the good condition of the book. If not inform the Librarian about it otherwise he/she is liable to replace a good copy of the book or pay the cost and other charges.
i) Books can be recalled according to demand.
j) The member may request the Librarian to reserve the book for him/her.

2. Books other than reference books only are generally lent to members.

3. Reference books will not be issued in the name of any one and will not be permitted to be taken outside the library.

4. The number of books and periodicals to be borrowed by a member is limited to the number specified. However the faculty members can obtain additional books and magazines in case they need them for course material or project preparation by obtaining special permission of DG.

5. Office Staff, participants and faculty may borrow acts and rules books required for departmental examinations by taking special permission.

6. No book is issued from the Library without acknowledgement on the book card or requisition for urgent issue.

7. It is compulsory that the head of the Institute, faculty members, officers, members of the staff, trainees etc., who have borrowed books, magazines shall return them at the instance of transfer, retirement or end of the course as is applicable. Clearance certificate shall not be issued without this being complied.

8. Normally acts, rules, manuals reports, current periodicals and ATI digests will not be lent outside the library. They may be referred to within the library.
9. Books which are constantly in need will be issued for a period of three days only. It may be further renewed for a period of three days if there is no other demand.

10. Members including staff, faculty and trainees who fail to return the books within due date are liable to pay a fine of 50 paise per day per book, further they will forfeit the chance of further borrowing of books and magazines.
11. If the borrower damages/loses books/journals, it shall be replaced by him only. Where a book/magazine damaged/lost is out of print and cannot be replaced, a penalty upto ten times the cost of the book/magazine plus the postal charges may be levied at the discretion of the Director General. If the borrower fails to pay the penalty levied, the amount shall be forfeited out of the deposit amount in the case of members and shall be recovered from their salaries in case of exofficio members.
12. The time limit for returning the borrowed book is two weeks for members residing within Mysore city and one month for members residing outside Mysore city.
13. No book, periodical or newspaper or any other record shall be taken out of the premises of the library without the knowledge of the librarians.
14. Every person taking a book out of the library or reading room within the library, shall be responsible for its safe custody and shall return it undamaged in any manner (including pencil or ink marks) and in the event of its being lost or damaged, shall either replace the book or pay such compensation as may be fixed by the Director General.
15. The borrowers as per rule shall not write upon, damage, turn down the leaves of or make any mark upon any book/magazine, manuscript or map belonging to the library, nor shall they lay paper on which they are writing on a book, manuscript, magazine or map. The erasure of any mark or any writing is prohibited. He/she shall not also make a tracing of any portion of any book or use mechanical reproduction without the express permission of the Chief Librarian. Before leaving, the library the readers shall return to the reference section, books, manuscripts or maps, magazines requisitioned for consultation.
16. Bonafide members of the library are requested to adhere / follow the Rules and Regulations in the interest of the effective Administration and Smooth functioning of the library.
17. Readers are requested to bring their Membership ID Card whenever they visit the library.
18. Members are requested to deposit their belongings at the Library Security cum Deposit Counter and obtain the token without fail.
19. Readers are requested not to bring any valuable / costly materials like Jewels, Money, Mobiles and any other equipments to the library.
20. Staff at the security counter are authorized to check the Membership ID Card at the entrance of the library.
21. All readers are requested to put their signature compulsorily in the attendance register kept at the Security Desk.
22. Members are not allowed to bring their personnel Books, Journals and any other Electronic equipments inside the library.
23. Readers are requested to converse in low tone / voice.
24. Readers are requested to not to fold the pages of any books while taking for xerox instead please use flaps for identification.
25. Please switch off your mobiles whenever you’re inside the library.
26. Please use the dustbin to put any wastages like papers, chocolate covers and any such garbage’s.
27. Please do not tear the pages of any books instead, please use photocopy facilities.
28. Please do not misplace / hide the documents and try to maintain the arrangements in order without any disturbance.
29. Please keep the library environment clean and tidy.
30. Members are requested to keep the books on the desk itself after their use.
31. Members are requested to renew their membership by surrendering their old borrower’s tickets and membership ID Card in place of the new one.
32. Members are requested to produce their ID Card at security desk on demand by the security personnel.
33. Readers are requested to contact the concerned authority for any guidance and assistance.
34. Readers Co-operation is solicited.

All working days – 09:00 hrs – 18:00 hrs 

Sl .No. Name Designation & Contact Details Photo
1 Sri Ningaraja E.C Chief Librarian

Ph: 9342184789

2 Sri Varadaraju Senior Librarian

Ph: 9741187858

3 Sri Raghavendra H.N Library Assistant

Ph: 9481841233

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