1. There are Seventeen classrooms including seminar halls and conference halls,  out of which 4 are provided with air conditioners. All the rooms are well equipped with computers, internet, multi media projectors and audio systems.

  2. There is an auditorium of 200 seater capacity with well equipped modern facilities such as video conferencing, audio system, centralised air conditioner, which can also be utilised for centralised cultural activities. It also accommodates a 70 seater capacity class room on the first floor with well equipped modern facility.



The Kapila Hostel was inaugurated on 9-8-1979 by then former Chief Secretary Govt of Karnataka. The Hostel has 52 rooms out of which are 46 are double  rooms and 6 Family Rooms.


The Kabini Hostel was inaugurated by Former Chief Minister Govt of Karnataka on 13.11.10. The Kabini Hostel has 64 Double rooms, 32 Single rooms & 16 family rooms, totally 112 rooms.

The rooms for the Training Officers /Participants are provided based on the basis of availability. All the rooms are provided with Computer&TV for the Participants. In the reception area participates are provided news papers in (Kannada & English). The rooms will be allotted based on the Faculty/Course/Training as specified by the course.

1. Dining Hall 1
2.Gym room
3.Indoor game
4.Vehicle Parking

Ground floor
Seminar Hall

First Floor
Training Hall 1

Second Floor
Training Hall 2
Conference Hall 1

Third Floor
Training Hall-3
Training Hall-4

Fourth Floor
Home Theatre
Conference Hall 2

  1. All the rooms of Kabini and Kapila hostels are provided with computer and internet, television and intercom facility.
  2. Both the hostels have separate dinning halls facility.
  3. Kabini hostel has gym facility at the basement. It is fitted with multi gym. abs exercise, treadmill and bicycle facility.
  4.  Indoor games facilities for the participant such as table tennis, carom board and chess etc .. has been provided in the ground floor of the Kabini hostel.
  • While going out of the room, valuables like cash, jewellery, mobile etc.., should be kept in your own custody
  • Before locking the doors, please ensure that the Lights, Fans & Television are switched off.
  • Electricity/ Water is precious, kindly switch off the fan, light, Geyser and TV whenever you leave the room and ensure that water taps are closed.
  • After locking the door, kindly hand over the keys in the reception.
  • For Cleaning the rooms, Keep the keys at the Reception.
  • Always Come back to your room by 10pm.
  • DO NOT Leave your belongings unattended at reception.
  • DO NOT give tips to employees.
  • Kindly put tips, in the Employees Welfare Fund Box, kept in the Reception counter of hand over to the warden i.e Sri. Vishawas.K. This fund will be utilised for the employee humanitarian cases like accidents, illness, etc..
  • Families are not allowed in the rooms.
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