ATI-Mysore has over a period of time has experienced authors publishing the following Handbooks to its credit and titles range from Governance, Administration and Rules and Acts useful to the Govt. functionaries:

Sl No. Title of the Handbook Year of Publication Language Availability
85 Work Book on District Disaster Management Plan * English Download
84 A Guide on Public Private Partnership-Dr.Ashok Sanganal 2014 English Download
83 WorkBook on Financial and Account Management. 2014 English Download
82 Annual Report : 2013-14 of Center for Disaster Management May-2014 English Download
81 Trainers Guide – (Rev Edn: April 2014) April-2014 English Download
80 SAKALA Training Programme – An Evaluation (2013) May-2013 English Download
79 Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act – 2011 (SAKALA) – Evaluation of Implementation and its Impact on Stakeholders (Citizens and others) May-2013 English Download
78 Course Report of 87th Parallel Foundation Course for All India Service Officers February-2013 English Download
77 Handbook for Implementation of SAKALA Services Act-2011 February-2013 English Download
76 Handbook for Implementation Officers of SAKALA Services Act-2011 February-2013 English Download
75 Training Manual on Karnataka SAKALA Services Act, 2011 for Trainers of Implementation Departments January-2013 Kannada & English Download
74 Tutors Guide on Karnataka SAKALA Services Act -2011 January-2013 Kannada & English Download
73 Handbook on Disaster Management : 2012-13 January-2013 English Download
72 Handbook for Health Workers : Under ITP – Training for All (Health) Project, DoPT, GoI November-2012 English Download
71 Action Research Papers Series – 6 (2011-12) October-2012 English Download
70 Powers and Functions of Assistant Commssioners in Revenue Department Jun-2012 English Download
69 First Report (2011 to 2012) of Training for All – ITP (Health) Jun-2012 English Download
68 Terminal Report (2009 to 2011) of Training for All ITP (Revenue) May-2012 English Download
67 Public Procurement & Audit : Case Studies
66 Handbook of TNA April-2012 English Download
65 ASHA as a Health Activist: Book-4 Under ITP – Training for All (Health) Project, DoPT, GoI April-2012 English Download
64 Practical Handbook of Community Based Disaster Management April-2012 Kannada Download
63 Frequently Asked Questions on Disaster Management January-2012 Kannada Download
62 Stress Management January-2012 Kannada Download
61 Innovations in Governance January-2012 English Download
60 Dairy of Health Assistant : Under ITP – Training for All (Health) Project, DoPT, GoI 2012 Kannada Download
59 Handbook for Pharmacists : Under ITP – Training for All (Health) Project, DoPT,GoI
2012 English Download
58 Handbook on Economics for Govt. Officers 2012 English Download
57 Handbook for Staff / Officials of Health and Family Welfare Department Under ITP Training for All 2012 Kannada Download
56 Handbook of RTI-2005 2012 Kannada & English Download
55 Terminal Report of CBPR – Training Initiative : GoI-DfID Project – 2008-10 Dec-2011 English Download
54 Decision from Karnataka Information Commission : Compilation of thr Important rulings of the KIC under RTI Act 2005 Dec-2011 English Download
53 Guide on State Training Policy Dec-2011 Kannada & English Download
52 Action Research Papers Series – 5 (2010-11) Nov-2011 Kannada Download
51 Selected Workshop Papers in Regional Workshop on ‘Proactive Disclosure – the way forward’ under the RTI Act 2005, Sponsored by DoPT, GoI.
50 Regional Workshop – Southern States on “Proactive Disclosure – The Way Forward “under the RTI Act 2005, Sponsored by DoPT, GoI. Oct-2011 English Download
49 Training Module Vol-2 Sep-2011 English Download
48 Action Research – Urban Flood Management : A Case Study of Bangalore Sep-2011 English Download
47 Training Module Vol-1 Sep-2011 English Download
46 Project Management in Government Aug-2011 English Download
45 Best Practices in e-Governance – Case Studies in Karnataka Jul-2011 English Download
44 Training Need Analysis (TNA) for Disaster Management in Karnataka Jul-2011 English Download
43 Annual Report 2010-11 of CDM Jun-2011 English Download
42 Annual Report of ATI : 2010-11 Mar-2011 English Download
41 Handbook for Village Accountants of Revenue Department Mar-2011 Kannada Download
40 Handbook of House Keeping and Communication Skill Nov-2010 Kannada Download
39 Step by Step Visual Guide for Computer Basics and MS Office 2007 Sep-2010 English Download
38 Action Research Papers Series – 4 : Vol-1 Aug-2010 English Download
37 Handbook of Direct Trainer Skills (DTS) Course Aug-2010 Kannada Download
36 Handbook for Designing and Implementing Sevottam Compliant (Book-3) Aug-2010 English Download
35 Action Research Papers Series – 4 : Vol-2 Aug-2010 Kannada Download
34 Handbook of KCSR & CCA – 1958 Jun-2010 Kannada Download
33 Handbook of Office Procedures Jun-2010 Kannada Download
32 Handbook of Psychosocial Care in Disaster Management Jun-2010 Kannada Download
31 Annual Report 2009-10 of CDM May-2010 English Download
30 Generic Book on Hostel Wardens of Social Welfare, Backward Community & Minorities under CBPR May-2010 Kannada Download
29 RTI-4(1) (b) Model Templates May-2010 English Download
28 Trainers Manual under ITP Apr-2010 English Download
27 Handbook for Revenue Inspectors of Revenue Department Mar-2010 Kannada Download
26 Handbook for Revenue Inspectors Mar-2010 English Download
25 Social Audit – Relevance and Operational Mechanism 2010 English Download
24 Dairy of Hostel Management for Hostel Warden / Staff of Social Welfare, Backward Classes and Scheduled Tribes Department under DfID -CBPR Project 2010 Kannada Download
23 Dairy of Hostel Management for Cooks and Assistant Cooks of Social Welfare, Backward Classes and Scheduled Tribes Department under DfID -CBPR Project 2010 Kannada Download
22 Generic Book on Government Hostel Management for Hostel staff and Warden’s for Department of Social Welfare, Backward Class and Minorities 2010 Kannada Download
21 Generic Reading Material and Case Studies of Revenue Department 2010 Kannada Download
20 A Guide to hold Departmental Inquiries 2010 Kannada Download
19 Guidelines for Preparation of District Disaster Management Plan 2010 English Download
18 Handbook for Assistant Commissioner 2010 English Download
17 Handbook of Thasildar 2010 English Download
16 Handbook of Step by Step Visual Guide on MS-Office 2010 English Download
15 Revenue Inspectors Dairy for Effective Land Record Management
14 Action Research Papers – Series (2008-09) Mar-2009 English Download
13 Action Research Papers Series:2008-09 Mar-2009 English Download
12 About SATCOM Training AT ANSSIRD 2009 Kannada Download
11 Handbook on Civil Works for Non-Engineers 2009 Edition 2009 English Download
10 Human Development in Decentralised System Jul-2008 Kannada Download
09 Handbook of Hostel Management 2008 English Download
08 Lessons in Management of Public Health Care Nov-2007 English Download
07 Action Research Papers of ATI,SIUD and SIRD – Volume-2 Aug-2007 English & Kannada Download
06 Handbook on Civil Works for Non-Engineers 2007 English Download
05 Vision ATI -2005 2005 Kannada Download
04 Trainers Guide English Download
03 Law in Practice-Case Studies from the Filed Vol-1 English Download
02 Handbook for Quality Management System Leading to Sevottam “Sevottam Model” (Book-1) English Download
01 Quality Management Services “A means to achieve SEVOTTAM” (Book-2) English Download
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