About Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Government in is order No. Mou Ha EE 32 2008 dated 08.09.2011, has established a Public Private Partnership (PPP) CELL on the campus of ATI, Mysore. In order to make PPP Cell fully operational for capacity building to stakeholders of various Govt. Departments. The functioning of PPP Cell at ATI, Mysore is given in detail in office order No. TRG/CR/126/2010-11 Dated 30th January 2012. The PPP cell was made fully operational from 30th January 2012.

The PPP cell has been established in the campus of ATI keeping in view the following objectives:-
  1. Create awareness about Public Private Partnership
  2. Stimulate strategic thinking about Public Private Partnership
  3. Enable the participant acquire additional and necessary knowledge and skills relating to the management of PPP
  4. Understand the enabling policy and regulatory frame work related to PPP
  5. Enhance capacities required to manage the PPP process
  6. Understand the financial needs of different projects under PPP
  7. Savings in costs due to innovative designs, timely project implementation and higher efficiencies.
  8. Quality of services to users due to better managerial practices and efficiencies
  9. Reduction in, and gradual elimination of, pricing constraints
10. Enabling public funds to be earmarked for other commercially non-viable but socially justifiable projects
11.  Financial innovation and development of cost effective solutions
12. Greater employment opportunities in the infrastructure in the sector

The PPP cell will function with the following composition:
  1. Prof. Narayana Shastri, Consultant, SIUD, & Nodal Officer, will act as a facilitator in the functioning of the PPP Cell.
  2. Dr.Ashok Sanganal, Faculty (Appropriate Technology), ATI, & Advisor for preparing Reading Materials and other documents for PPP Cell.
  3. B.K.Manjunatha, Consultant, PPP Cell, ATI, will coordinate all training programmes in consultation with Nodal Officer.
  4. Research Officer : Vacant
  5. Kum. Rajeshwari.K, Research Assistant

The entire cell would work under overall control, supervision, guidance of Director General, ATI, Mysore.