Shri. Kapil Mohan I.A.S
 Director General  

The Administrative Training Institute, Mysuru is amongst the oldest state training institutes in India. It is located in picturesque surroundings and is well equipped to conduct residential training programmes for over 306 trainees at a time. There are 14 lecture halls with a seating capacity of more than 600 and computer training facilities that can accommodate more than 50 trainees. There is a well equipped library and sports complex.

ATI conducts training programmes through funds allocated by the State Plan, through respective departments plan funds, through DOPT programmes and project funds. Several states also entrust training programmes to ATI. ATI is well served by a network of District Training Institutes.

This website has details on ATI and several mandatory disclosures. There are details of financial disclosures, daily financial transactions, details of training programmes underway, trainee entitlements as per budget approved, daily lecture modules, trainee details etc to enable concurrent evaluation by the trainees and other stakeholders.

There is no direct connect between ATI and the citizenry. However the information posted on this website is an attempt to stimulate citizen inquiry and participation into the public funds managed by ATI and the activities undertaken here.

There are links in this website to the websites of our sister institutes i.e. ANSSIRD(Abdul Nazir Sab State Institute of Rural Development) and SIUD(State Institute of Urban Development).

It is our endeavour to reach better levels of service delivery. We request your feedback. Feedback can be mailed to